October / November 2016 Newsletter






All lined up on the Blue Rinse Run.







MEMBERSHIP FEES – (2016/2017)

Due by 30th June

Fees due by July meeting.

Late payment will incur a $10.00



Single – $60.00 – (affiliated to 4WD Association)

Family – $70.00 – (1 member affiliated to 4WD Association)

Family – $98.00 – (2 members affiliated to 4WD Association)


Our newsletter is now electronic. If you still require a paper copy by post please,

Add $22.00 to your subs to cover the cost of printing and postage.


Fees may be paid directly into club account.

If you wish to pay by this method you Name must be used as a reference

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Bank a/c to pay into: ASB Dargaville, 12-3098-0296797-00


If you wish to purchase club stickers,

please contact Sam.info@kauricoast4wdclub.co.nz








Presidents Report

Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of and lateness of this report, the October/November months have been very light on 4WDing, but very busy for us personally.

Unfortunately we had to cancel our Reccy in October as conditions were just too wet, and it meant the only runs we were able to do were beach ones.

We need to have more events/things/runs happening that are not at Waimamaku or Pouto.

So others in the club need to get their A into G and organise something.

Hopefully the New Year will bring about run filled months.

Also those of you who do attend the runs and have heaps of fun, try getting photos and a short blurb to Vanessa so she can publish them in our newsletter so others can see what they are missing out on. It dosent have to be long or indepth, just say where it was, who was there and some highlights.

I have added a letter written by a virgin 4Wder who attended the Blue Rinse Run.

And lastly:

Remember never criticise your Husbands


It may have been

Those Little

Imperfections Which Stopped him

From Getting A Better


Yours in 4WDriving










To the Kauri Coast 4WD Club.

It was my first time on a FWD event which was at Ron and Chrissy McCloy’s farm in

Waimamaku. I’v never done anything like this before and  I’v been told by my daughters

that I’m a Granny Driver so you can imagine how unbelievable the day was for me.

The warm up on the McCloys farm to start the big drive was a few mini donuts on a safe flat

paddock demonstrated by Ron McCoy with us three passengers, me, Chrissy, and Chantee

McCoy. There was shouting Woohoohoo! While one of us prayed! It was so scary but I

pretended I wasn’t fazed at all by these do-nuts. Well from there on as the day progressed,

the situations I faced were far scarier then the start but I simply got used to it in the end.

There was one part where I didn’t want to go as it was so steep but when I could see others

had survived it, I decided to go for it. It felt like the floor became the roof but it was all over

in no time. The deep furrow through the cleaning actually pushed us away from the edge so

it wasn’t that dangerous. As for the amount of mud enough for Africa flung at our vehicle.

First of all it was, where’s the door handle? To which vehicle am I in, they all looked the same!

Seemed to me that although it was all ‘engineered’ for the fun and the sheer thrill, the sticky

situations we ended up in were always carefully assessed with safety in mind (I hope!).

Well that was my impression I got, lol.

I reckon that the drivers learn a lot of new skills every time which can be used in everyday

life-saving situations for example in emergency situations on or off road……without the do-

nuts, lol. I loved the baking and lunch the ladies brought along, my hot cup of tea and

filming all the action.

Thanks to a great bunch pf people and for being very supportive by making another great

MUDDY day happen in the Hokianga.


Valerie Fife, Hokianga.


Garry got stuck before even making it to the run at Ron and Chrissy’s. Patch gave Garry a tow out. Vanessa had to stop and take photos !!



The photo’s below are from the Blue Rinse Run.








Hokianga Safari 2017

March 18-19 2017

Hosted by the Kauri Coast 4WD Club of Dargaville.

There will be tracks for both club shinys and tuff trucks. The Safari will be based in Waimamaku crossing private land, both coastal and inland that isn’t accessible to the public and will be predominately off road. Full day of 4x4ing on Saturday and ½ day Sunday. This is a self catering safari so unlike previous years no meals provided. There will be Bbqs available and there is also a kitchen in the complex. Camping available.

Cost $100 per vehicle. Fundraising for the Northland Rescue Helicopter. Limited to 60 vehicles.

For more information contact Ron or Chrissy 094058316. To register email Sam. info@kauricoast4wdclub.co.nz